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The use of numerous technical developments in diverse domains of biology is nothing more than the application of biotechnology. With the countless future innovations and discoveries to be made, biotechnology has the potential to supply, fuel and treat the globe. 

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    What are biotechnology and its origin?

    Biotechnology implies the use and may be classed into 3 separate periods – prehistory, historical and contemporary, of bio-organisms and processes in food and medicine.

    Biotechnology has a long history when humans first employed yeast for bread and cheese and the arrival of the atomic weapon which led to the end of the Stone Age.
    On this premise the chronology may be divided into three segments of biotechnology:

    1. Modern Biotechnology (1945 to Present).
    2. Ancient Biotechnology (Pre-Historic to 1800).
    3. Classical Biotechnology (1800 to 1945).

    Modern Biotechnology (1945 to Present)

    In the triumph of the Alliance during the Second World War, the discovery of penicillin played a crucial role. Modern biotechnology witnessed critical breakthroughs in biosensors like MOSFET and their different applications, which have contributed to the improvement of medical sciences worldwide.

    Ancient Biotechnology (Pre-Historic to 1800)

    Most biotechnological findings or advancements before the 1800s have been categorised as Ancient Biotechnology. Yeast is one of the first human microorganisms that used to create bread, beer and wine in ancient Egypt and China. People also used an enzyme known as rennet

    Classical Biotechnology (1800 to 1945)

    In 1919 a Hungarian engineer Karoly Ereky invented the phrase “biotechnology.” During this period human civilization has seen many amazing findings and inventions.
    Biotechnology developments have formed the cornerstone of many sectors of education and study, from the discovering of the nucleus in live cells to the mass manufacturing of penicillin.
    This topic is one of the most significant courses in current education due to the inclusion of vital technology and the profound understanding of biology.

    What is the Scope of Biotechnology help Services?

    A Biotechnology Degree opens up an incredible variety of sectors of study and work. In diverse businesses, such as pharmaceuticals and other industries

    Bio Chemist / Bio Physicist:

    In the field of applied sciences, biochemistry and biophysics operate numerous large firms from many industries, including agriculture, medicine, pharmaceuticals, energy and the environment.

    Biomedical Engineer

    It is the responsibility of biomedical engineering to achieve new medical advances. This is one of the most significant biotechnology components that can make a big difference

    Agricultural Engineer

    Agricultural engineering is an integral element of farming and plays a key role in any country’s agricultural growth.

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    Microbiologists work with microbiological creatures including bacteria, algae, fungus, parasites, etc. as their name indicates.

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      Biotechnology is a technology used to produce or create new goods using biological systems, live creatures or portions of them.
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